Transversal Solutions—Applications

Data Privacy Policy for MyCashManager and other applications developed by Transversal Solutions S.P.R.L.

All collected information is stored only on the user’s device and not available to Transversal Solutions S.P.R.L.

Backup and synchronization files are stored in cloud storage services, available only to authorized users of corresponding cloud storage accounts and subject to Microsoft (OneDrive) data privacy policy.
Transversal Solutions S.P.R.L. has no access to abovementioned cloud storage data.

The only information available to Transversal Solutions S.P.R.L. is application usage statistics such as visited application screens and error reports used to improve application quality.
There is no way to identify a person using these statistics.
All information is collected via Application Insights technology and stored on Microsoft servers.

To prevent unauthorized access to financial data stored on a user device, it is recommended to protect the access to the application data with a PIN or a password.

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